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Sunday, February 1, 2015

Alden is 1!

We aren't having his party for another week, and he's already 1, but part of me can't let go of his babyness. I just can't believe he went from something so tiny to something so big and loud so quickly!

He was so perfect. Nursed great, slept well, such a cuddler. Now he's a loud, screaming, mommas boy who would rather be held by me than be free to run around.

I love him. I could kiss and hold and cuddle and love and rock and nurse this ray of sunshine all day long for the next 20 years. He'll be grown one day so I'm going to hold on to him for now.

Monday, December 8, 2014

Alden and Jane Ellie's checkup

Alden and Jane Ellis had their checkups today.

Big boy wearing his 18mo shirt and 12 month pants.

Alden was 21lbs 10oz and 30.5 inches of sweetness. He passed his little question air and I'm pretty sure dr welch was impressed ;)

Jane Ellis also had a checkup- her 4 yr checkup! Such a big sweet girl. She was not feeling well and for the first time ever refused to get weighed or her height taken. We finally made (err persuaded) her to let me hold her on the scale. She was about 40lbs and 40inches.

Aubrey wanted it to be her appointment too. She happily did everything the peds would watch her do 😍

Both kids had to have a shot. Boo. Alden had his dtap and prevnar. He ended up having a pretty high fever late that night. But was just fine after some Tylenol. After the peds we went to my sisters house and got to meet miss Hannah grace 😍😍

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Saturday, December 6, 2014

We had Jane Ellis's 4th birthday party last Saturday!! So much fun! We had it at Gymstars in collierville. There were 11 little friends. Jane Ellis and Aubrey were very timid at first but Jane Ellis quickly got the hang of jumping and climbing and rolling. Aubrey was soon after that.

Jane Ellis loved the foam pit

So did sterling and Clara

The "my little pony" looked fantastic. 😜

Birthday girl!

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Saturday, November 29, 2014

On our way to our big family lake vacay!! The first pic: Aubrey decides to make a rainbow with her ice cream cone. Pretty creative I say :)

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Big News!!

Exciting things are going on at the Hill household! We're expecting baby #3 in January!!! We're so shocked and excited!

We haven't told our families yet, we're waiting until 4th of July. But I have a feeling this pooch that I have may give me away before we get to tell!
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Chickens please?

So, I think Robert has finally accepted the fact that I'll be bringing chickens home in a few weeks! He was very resistant at first. But now, I think he's just glad I'm not wanting a goat lol Dad, Robert, Leroy, Ray and a little of my guidance have brought this cute -huge- coop to life.

I can't wait until its painted! The girls love their chicks.

This is Molly. Jane Ellis picked her out of a catalogue and named her herself. They are currently growing at my sisters with her chicks.

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Sunday, October 19, 2014

Baby Brothers Wedding

Last night my dear sweet baby brother married the woman of his dreams.

It was beautiful. Truly. Outside, at sunset, by the water, fresh flowers, white benches, surrounded by family and friends. We are so blessed to have the Barnett family joins ours.

My mom and my brother Ray.

Emma and Jane Ellis got their daddies out on the floor.

Aubrey stayed awake long enough to eat but didn't make it for the dancing.

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